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[Deal of the Week] Ocean Snow Opal Dust Collection 1


Designer: ocean nail supply

$ 4.99 $ 11.00

please use drop down menu to choose color/size

There are 4 collections available and there are 7 different color effect in each collection
This is Collection 1 of the Snow Opal Dust, please scroll in the options to choose a color effect of the 7

the first number is referred to which collection is selected and after the hyphen, the second number represents the color effect from the collection you've chosen from 

For example: (Collection) 2 - 3 (Color Effect)

Use it over cured gossip gel to transform the base of the color.

**Note: Each item is sold separately and set of 7 is available also
Please look at sub text under the item name to see what you have selected to purchase


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