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Pigments - Sol Pigment 1.3g net wt.


Designer: ocean nail supply

$ 7.00 $ 49.00

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Get sol pigment changes in the sunlight. Available in 7 colors on

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Sol means Sun.  So this pigment is a bit like a vampire. Color appears with UV lights. It is white without any light around and when it goes out to the sunlight or an UV light source, it will burst into colors.  Mix it with gel, acrylic, or you could dust them over the cured color gel and brush on either one color or different ones for an ombre or a tie dye effect.  Seal with top gel.  Whenever it's not in the sun the effect fades and you'll leave with white or which ever color you use it with.  


 **Note: Each item sold separately and set of 7 sol collection available
please look at the sub text under item name to see what you have selected to purchase

There's 7 colors available and each one is 1.3g net wt

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