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[BULK] Salon Special Swarovski Assorted Luminescent Set

[BULK] Salon Special Swarovski Assorted Luminescent Set
$ 440.25 USD $ 485.75 USD


Items included :


SS6   AB 144 PCS $8.50
SS8   AB 144 PCS $8.50
SS10 AB 144 PCS $9.50
SS12 AB 144 PCS $10.50
SS14 AB 144 PCS $13.50
SS18 AB 144 PCS $16.50

SS6    Clear 144 PCS $7.50
SS8    Clear 144 PCS $7.50
SS10  Clear 144 PCS $8.50
SS12  Clear 144 PCS $9.00
SS14  Clear 144 PCS $9.50
SS18  Clear 144 PCS $18.00
10X2.8mm Raindrop AB 50 PCS $47.50
6X1.7mm   Raindrop AB 60 PCS $40.00
8mm Contour Crystal AB 20 PCS $28.75
6mm Starlet Crystal AB 25PCS $25.00
10X6mm Rhombus AB 25PCS $32.50
10mm Flame Crystal AB 20PCS $23.50

10x2.8mm Raindrop Clear 50PCS $42.50
6X1.7mm Raindrop Clear 60PCS $35.00
6mm Square Fancy Clear 30PCS $24.00
8x4.8mm Teardrop Clear 50PCS $27.50
8X3.5mm Pointed Oval 20PCS $15.00
6.4X4.2mm Kite Clear 30PCS $17.50

Case - FREE

*Items in each batch may vary as some items may be out of stock at that time and items were exchanged temporarily. Pieces and prices are changed accordingly.*

 **Note: Please note packaging may vary, this product is made to order, and due to monitor screen settings, colors you see may be slightly different than the actual color of the product

Any requests of items will not be accepted
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