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Compilation of all our Gossip Gel products

Designer: ocean nail supply

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After all the testing when the chrome pigment comes out, and then the snow opal and holo pigment.  We discover that the gossip get product really is the best option for it.  We still have them list individually but now we are also posting them together in one place so it's easy to find.

Gossip gel Specular No-rub 12ml 0.42 oz -  This is what we recommend with all the chrome, holo, snow opal and star dust.  Apply over your gel color or designs. Then cure for 30 seconds LED or 90 seconds UV.  Afterward apply the pigment over the cured gel.  Some other brands work with the chrome but we discover the result isn't always consistent with the other brands.  

Gossip Gel Specular No-rub 0.22 oz in the jar - same gel but in a jar.  We design this so people would use it for nail art!  It's easier to use it with your own art brushes and create one of the kind design.  Remember to use a regular top gel under it and wipe with cleanse (99% alcohol)  Then use the gossip gel over that and cure over that.  That way you can get the design with the pigment and the rest not.  

Gossip 4d gel - Use the 4d gel to adhere Swarovski pointed back stones, mix with other colors and create 3 d art with ease.

Gossip strengthen gel - If you have trouble with chrome or pigment chipping.  Use the strengthen gel to put over the top and it will help secure the gel.  This is a semi-hard gel that will help secure the top and prevent chipping.  Also even though it acts as a hard gel it can be soaked off.  Comes in a bottle and can be cured using UV or LED lamps.  Use it over bumpy designs or encapsulate embellishments with ease!

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