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Japanese Decoration - Gold/Silver studs in various shapes and sizes 1-99 20/100pcs

Designer: Japanese Studs

$ 2.50

please use drop down menu to choose color/size

1. texture gold round 3mm 100pcs,

2. texture gold leaf 100pcs,

3. texture silver leaf 100pcs,

4. texture gold teardrop 100pcs,

5. texture silver teardrop 100pcs,

6. texture gold rhombus small 100pcs,

7. texture silver rhombus medium 100pcs,

8. texture gold rhombus large 100pcs,

9. texture gold triangle 3mm 100pcs,

10. texture silver triangle 3mm 100pcs,

11. texture gold triangle 4mm 100pcs,

12. texture silver triangle 4mm 100pcs,

13. texture gold arrowhead medium 100pcs,

14. texture silver arrowhead medium 100pcs,

15. texture gold pyramid 3mm 100pcs,

16. texture silver pyramid 3mm 100pcs,

17. texture gold pyramid 4mm 100pcs,

18. texture gold pyramid 4mm 100pcs,

19. texture gold heart small 100pcs,

20. texture gold heart medium 100pcs,

21. texture gold star large 100pcs,

22. texture gold moon frame 100pcs,

23. texture silver moon frame 100pcs,

24. texture silver moon 100pcs,

25. texture gold wave 100pcs,

26. texture silver wave 100pcs,

27. gold 0.8mm 100pcs,

28. silver 1mm 100pcs,

29. gold 1mm 100pcs,

30. silver 1.2mm 100pcs,

31. gold 1.5mm 100pcs,

32. silver 1.5mm 100pcs,

33. gold 2mm 100pcs,

34. gold waterdrop tiny 100pcs,

35. silver waterdrop tiny 100pcs,

36. gold teardrop tiny 100pcs,

37. silver teardrop tiny 100pcs,

38. gold teardrop large 100pcs,

39. silver teardrop large 100pcs,

40. gold leaf tiny 100pcs,

41. silver leaf tiny 100pcs,

42. gold leaf medium 100pcs,

43. silver leaf medium 100pcs,

44. gold 2mm triangle 100pcs,

45. silver 2mm triangle 100pcs,

46. gold 3mm triangle 100pcs,

47. silver 3mm triangle 100pcs,

48. gold 4mm triangle 100pcs,

49. silver 4mm triangle 100pcs,

50. gold texture pyramid 20pcs $2.50,

51. silver texture pyramid 20pcs $2.50

52. gold arrowhead tiny 100pcs,

53. silver arrowhead tiny 100pcs,

54. black arrowhead tiny 100pcs,

55. gold arrowhead medium 100pcs,

56. silver arrowhead medium 100pcs,

57. gold arrowhead large 100pcs,

58. silver arrowhead large 100pcs,

59. gold V 4mm 100pcs,

60. silver V 4mm 100pcs,

61. gold V 6mm 100pcs,

62. silver V 6mm 100pcs,

63. gold rhombus medium 100pcs,

64. silver rhombus medium 100pcs,

65. gold rhombus large 100pcs,

66. silver rhombus large 100pcs,

67. gold long cross 100pcs,

68. silver long cross 100pcs,

69. gold 2mm square 100pcs,

70. silver 2mm square 100pcs,

71. gold 3mm pyramid 100pcs,

72. silver 3mm pyramid 100pcs,

73. gold bar small 100pcs,

74. silver bar small 100pcs,

75. gold bar large 100pcs,

76. gold 1x4mm pipe 100pcs,

77. silver 1x4mm pipe 100pcs,

78. gold 1x7mm pipe 100pcs,

79. silver 1x7mm pipe 100pcs,

80. gold texture pipe 1x3mm 100pcs,

81. gold texture pipe 1x4mm 100pcs,

82. gold texture pipe 1x6mm 100pcs,

83. silver catseye 100pcs,

84. gold sparkle 20pcs $2.50,

85. silver sparkle 20pcs $2.50,

86. gold cute star 100pcs,

87. silver cute star 100pcs,

88. gold cross 100pcs,

89. silver cross 100pcs,

90. gold bow 100pcs,

91. silver bow 100pcs,

92. gold clover 100pcs,

93. gold heart small 100pcs,

94. silver heart small 100pcs,

95. gold heart medium 100pcs,

96. gold moon medium 100pcs,

97. silver moon medium 100pcs,

98. gold moon large 100pcs,

99. silver moon large 100pcs,

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