Patterned Transfer Foils 1-60

$ 1.75

Use foil glue to transfer the foils, or use over cured gel tacky layer then seal with topcoat (this would depend on the gel you use, please try various gel before you use it on the client) 

*Each foil is approx. 1 foot length wise and width varies for each foil

Foils number 15 - 31, 33, 34, 38, and 53 - 56 are transparent with designs on top
Foils number 29 - 34 has some holographic accent in the design which cause a rainbow effect when seen in the light*
Foils number 57 - 59 are solid colors

**Please Note:
Each item is sold separately, please look at sub text under the item name to see what you have selected to purchase and due to computer/mobile screen settings, colors you see may be slightly  different than the actual color of the product 

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